Re: Hello all

On 10/25/07, Karl Lattimer <karl qdh org uk> wrote:

On Wed, 2007-10-24 at 14:20 +0100, John Carr wrote:
> Hi Karl
> Very very interesting and exciting!
> First off with this, I think when you plug in a device we will simply
> ask the user which datatypes they want to sync. They will be added to
> the relevant part under each authority. This is much nicer than the user
> have to pick where they want to sync I think.
> How do you feel about having "sensible defaults". For example, a tab for
> Contacts, Calendar, Todo, Notes, Photos, Music etc. Not sure quite how
> far to go! Or perhaps none and just have an attractive start page. If
> you plug in a device that supports a datatype you don't have a tab for,
> it would be created automatically?

I think this might be a good approach.  John and I have discussed how to present some defaults to the users. Whether it be some sort of wizard, or something more radical.

Either way, the recent refactoring should make it easy-ish to hack on all these ideas. Just copy all of gtkui directory (say to fooui) and then you can start conduit with --ui=foo

Let me know if you need any help


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