Re: [Opensync-devel] Ubuntu UDS-Boston, Syncing solutions

5.12 AM here. Have just risen and am somewhat groggy so I apologise if
my thoughts are a little.. messy.

On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 17:35 +1300, John Stowers wrote:
> On 10/31/07, Martin Owens <doctormo gmail com> wrote:
> > > duplication, its at least an effective middle ground (through
> > > libsyncml). I would appreciate your thoughts on this.
> >
> > I will digest your thoughts over sleep and hopefully bring up all the
> > issues at hand;
> Cool, thanks. Obviously im not in a position to direct the development
> of all parties, these examples just came to mind first.
> My experience with Conduit has at least shown, and I hope the opensyc
> devs agree, that much more of the work goes into supporting devices
> (or dataproviders in conduit lingo) than core sync logic.
> Following from that we already have the ability to interact/host
> opensync plugins in conduit, and with current changes in SVN, we
> should be able to demonstrate syncing conduit with opensync plugins in
> the next two weeks (Jc2k - thoughts?)

The stuff i'm landing to enable gconf sync also fixes one of the
problems I had with this work. Then I just have to write a thin shim for
each opensync plugin as i can't figure out how to dynamically probe
opensync in a way that makes sense for the UIs we want to support. I
hope the shims are something I can ditch, but thankfully most of the
logic is encapsulated in the main OpenSync dataprovider - the shims
should be tiny.

Moving forward from there, the refactoring work John S has done has
brought us closer to the point where we could sync with different
engines and our underlying platform is a lot less GNOME dependent -
It's possible to run conduit entirely without GTK as a dbus daemon and
then connect a UI to it over dbus and be able to create the same kind of
UI as well as "new device" wizards.

> >
> > > Anyway, thats a bit of food for discussion off the top of my head. Is
> > > there some way I can participate in the Ubuntu discussion remotely?
> >
> > There is a one way audio ogg stream from each room (or so I have been
> > told) and we could use irc to 'hear' your thoughts back.
> OK I will definately do this. It would be best if a video conference
> thing was availble, but this will do
> When is the meeting?
> John Stowers
> >
> > Best Regards, Martin Owens

I think I have more to add, but need to get ready for work. I'll post
again in a bit.


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