Hello all

Hello everyone, I'm Karl, and this is my introduction :)

For some time I've been musing over the user interface in conduit, and
as John has already blogged about was my first attempt at making the
conduit UI rock.

Since then I've been thinking in great detail about the way that
information is presented to the user. In an attempt to clean things up
and make an interesting jump into a dare I say it "new sync paradigm"
what I've thought is the following;

 * If there is only one type of data type per relationship then the most
important UI feature is that data type. Therefore a tab type philosophy
should probably be adopted to represent the data types the user cares
about, i.e. notes, calendars, contacts, files etc... 

 * If there is essentially one authority in a relationship then that
authority should be shown at the root of the relationship. Currently
conduit does this by showing the authority on the left. 

 * Further to the authority, elements in the relationship can be either
a replicant or a publishing destination depending on whether or not they
can provide two way sync.

After making these grand assumptions about the use case of conduit I
have put together a display of what one of these relationships would
look like. It becomes obvious that a vertical approach provides a
cleaner and more spacious display. (see attached screenshot), within
each of the tabs (and I'm not convinced about tabs but I'm yet to design
the glade mockup), management of data providers and a list of the
relationships that exist are a necessity but these should be displayed
relevant to the task at hand, if I'm managing my notes relationships I
don't want to see data providers that don't allow me to sync notes.

I'm eagerly awaiting comments on this, as I've been drawing sketches on
paper over the last few months wracking my brains on how I can make
conduit UI zen happen.


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