Re: Holes in GNOME 3 process


> Sometimes I feel that the review of the builds on the machine provided
> by GNOME should be reviewed by GNOME sysadmin, but not sure
> anyway.

Normally build servers are used to check if the build still succeeds.
Most setups I know reject a commit when it breaks the build. I wouldn't
recommend this for GNOME because there might be problems the maintainer
cannot solve himself and it would slow down population of changes.

Instead it would be great if the buildbot would automatically send a
message to the commiter when the build fails (after the build was
successful before). The committer can then decide if it is his fault or
if he needs to ping the buildbot maintainer or fixup jhbuild.

As addition it would be nice if others could subscribe to a mailing list
that works like the gnome-commit-lists which tracks build failures (or
even successfull builds.

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