Re: Holes in GNOME 3 process

From: Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com>

> Someone watching the builds
> ===========================
> is back up and running and has a build from
> yesterday. Yay. Has anybody looked? If packages going red on
> aren't blocker material .... if packages don't have to
> be green, then there really is no point.

I agree that there is no point of having the build system if most of
packages are in red. Anyway, about this red status, this is something
that each build-slave maintainer should keep track of.

Other problem was that because the "dbus connection problem" we needed
to remove RHEL5 as a build slave, as this machine is also the
master. So right now there are just one stable build-slave (thanks to
Frederic). Several ideas were proposed, but no one was implemented
yet. My favourite is a virtual machine, but this is something that it
is required to be implemented by the sys-admin group (IMHO).

In the same way, when this RHEL5 build-slave was running, it was not
clear who should review the builds. I randomly checked that, but
pragmatically was not the best, as I can't install new packages on
that machine (ie [1], I just modify the slave and master

Sometimes I feel that the review of the builds on the machine provided
by GNOME should be reviewed by GNOME sysadmin, but not sure

Olav, any opinion of my attempt of assigning two tasks to sys-admin

> (And if the Debian-sid build slave is the only one that is running, it's
> the only one that should be shown on the front page of

Well, the original idea was that all registered slaves will be
normally running. So the purpose the disconnected icon was showing a
error-status, so anyone could ping each slave maintainer.

So, if you are suggesting a feature to avoid showing the non running
slaves, I think that the current status is better.

But, as RHEL5 is not a build-slave anymore by purpose, and we don't
have news from the other build-slaves for ages, I agree that those
shouldn't appear. I will try to contact the maintainers of these
slaves, and meanwhile remove those machines from the master build-slave list.



API (apinheiro igalia com)

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