Re: Latest changes, and RHEL5

>>> I restarted the server, it went fine, and the slave, and it went up,
>>> and all was well, *BUT* the slave now gets orders, such as
>>>  2009-05-06 10:34:34+0000 [Broker,client] <SlaveBuilder
>>>    'hamster-applet-RHEL5' at 15608432>.startBuild
>>> and doesn't act on them, making it quite useless.
>>> I didn't find anything up to now, so I welcome any new insight, Iago ?
>> Not sure what could be happening, but API and I can take a look at it
>> tomorrow.
> It is fixed now. The problem is that ModulePath  expects actionName in
> kwargs with the name of the action  (like 'Coverage' to name the actual
> step). Missing this was rising an exception which was pretty difficult to
> catch on the log among all the stuff.

Looks like the "coverage" step does its work but for some reason the html
reports are not moved to a proper location or somthing because accessing
the "coverage" links shows a "Page not found" error... gotta look into
this too.


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