Re: Latest changes, and RHEL5

>> I restarted the server, it went fine, and the slave, and it went up,
>> and all was well, *BUT* the slave now gets orders, such as
>>  2009-05-06 10:34:34+0000 [Broker,client] <SlaveBuilder
>>    'hamster-applet-RHEL5' at 15608432>.startBuild
>> and doesn't act on them, making it quite useless.
>> I didn't find anything up to now, so I welcome any new insight, Iago ?
> Not sure what could be happening, but API and I can take a look at it
> tomorrow.

It is fixed now. The problem is that ModulePath  expects actionName in
kwargs with the name of the action  (like 'Coverage' to name the actual
step). Missing this was rising an exception which was pretty difficult to
catch on the log among all the stuff.

Here is the patch so you can get it into the repository (guess I'll have
to get my hands into the git basics some day now :)):

      ------ 8< ------- 8< ------ 8< ------- 8< --------

diff --git a/jhbuild/buildbot/ b/jhbuild/buildbot/
index 2e35ec7..35610b2 100644
--- a/jhbuild/buildbot/
+++ b/jhbuild/buildbot/
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ class JHBuildFactory(factory.BuildFactory):
             self.addStep(JHBuildCheckCommand, moduleset=self.moduleset,
         if self.slave.run_coverage_report:
             self.addStep(JHBuildModulePathCommand, moduleset=self.moduleset,
-                    module=self.module, action='')
+                    module=self.module, action='',
         if self.slave.run_clean_afterwards:
             self.addStep(JHBuildCommand, stage='clean',

------ 8< ------- 8< ------ 8< ------- 8< --------


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