Latest changes, and RHEL5

Hello all,

After GNOME migration to Git I updated both build master and build
slave running on, in doing so I forgot it had a local
change to enable running coverage reports; Iago (I think) enabled it
with a local commit but today I tried to pull new changes and
something went wrong somewhere, as I couldn't get out of the Git mess
(I created(?) I removed everything and started anew.

By a pure coincidence I worked yesterday on jhbuild buildbot support
to be able to disable/enable steps of build slaves, from the slave XML
description.  Current options are run_checks, run_coverage_report and
run_clean_afterwards, so I updated RHEL5.xml to look like this:

I restarted the server, it went fine, and the slave, and it went up,
and all was well, *BUT* the slave now gets orders, such as
 2009-05-06 10:34:34+0000 [Broker,client] <SlaveBuilder
   'hamster-applet-RHEL5' at 15608432>.startBuild
and doesn't act on them, making it quite useless.

I didn't find anything up to now, so I welcome any new insight, Iago ?


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