Re: Buildbot version

El vie, 20-06-2008 a las 11:25 +0200, Ilmar Wilbers escribió:
> Iago Toral Quiroga wrote:
> > For example, here's a snippet from Twisted's buildmaster configuration:
> >
> > winxp32py25iocp = scmikesWinXP32.copy()
> > winxp32py25iocp.update({
> > 'name': "winxp32-py2.5-iocp",
> > 'builddir': "WXP32-full2.5-iocp",
> > 'factory': TwistedReactorsBuildFactory(blah blah blah),
> > 'category': 'unsupported'})
> > builders.append(winxp32py25iocp)
> >
> > ...
> >
> > status.putChild(
> > "waterfall",
> > WaterfallStatusResource(categories=['supported', 'unsupported']))
> >
> > This gives us a waterfall with all our builders. We have another one
> > that only includes "supported". So, you could create a category for
> > each project and then a waterfall for each category. This done, you
> > should only need one slave process per slave machine, and they can
> > all talk to the same master."
> >
> >   
> Would this [1] be the result of using categories?

That shows a waterfall view of the build of a single project (one
builder per slave machine). That's the same we have now.

The point is that if we want to have the same for more projects, and
instead of having more masters we can create more categories in a single
master, one per project, each one would have a waterfall view associated
(showing all the builders for that particular project)

Then we create a home page like we have right now, linking projects to
their respective waterfall views, as we do now, but these waterfall
views will live in a single master.

that's the theory, but as we do not have a prototype yet we will have to
wait to see if it really works like this.


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