Re: Buildbot version

At this moment all the people and main developers were making several changes,
but locally. In some weeks there will be a update when the changes gets a stable
status, and probably, we could take advantage of this moment in order to try to move the gnome-builbot scripts to a gnome repository (at this moment it is on a Igalia server).
That would be a good idea. Does this mean that this stable status will support buildbot-0.7.7?
About make an update to a newer version of buildbot, I think that John Carr
were trying to do that to the current stable buildbot release (0.7.7) [1],
but I'm not sure if he gets a full support. I mean, he didn't sent any patch
to the list.
I can wait...
Well, exists the mail notification, but as far as I know, this only sent
a mail when a build fail, not when the slave get offline.

Yes, that feature was recently added (0.7.6). I am already using the mailnotifier for failures.

Thanks for your response!


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