Re: Buildbot version

> That would be a good idea. Does this mean that this stable status will 
> support buildbot-0.7.7?
Ups, sorry. I didn't explain it adecuatly. We were working here on this scripts, 
but we are still using buildbot 0.7.5. Some examples of the work here can be found on
Iago Toral (main gnome-buildbot scripts maintainer/developer) blog [1] [2]. So no,
this new update will not have 0.7.7 support, at least at the begining. I only trying
to say that we are still working on this scripts.

> > About make an update to a newer version of buildbot, I think that John Carr
> > were trying to do that to the current stable buildbot release (0.7.7) [1],
> > but I'm not sure if he gets a full support. I mean, he didn't sent any patch
> > to the list.
> >   
> I can wait...
I hope that Carr have just read this mail and could give us more information.

> Yes, that feature was recently added (0.7.6). I am already using the 
> mailnotifier for failures.
> Thanks for your response!
You are welcome, thanks for use this scripts. This shows that this scripts can 
be useful elsewhere.


API (apinheiro igalia com)

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