Re: Buildbot version

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. Could you give some insights as to what this alternative approach the buildbot team told you about consist of?


John Carr wrote:
Hi Guys

                About make an update to a newer version of buildbot, I
                think that John Carr
                were trying to do that to the current stable buildbot
                release (0.7.7) [1],
                but I'm not sure if he gets a full support. I mean, he
                didn't sent any patch
                to the list.
            I can wait...
        I hope that Carr have just read this mail and could give us
        more information.

There is a branch [1] on the page you already linked to with the stuff I was trying out. At this point, I don't think its worth upgrading the existing scripts to 0.7.7. <http://0.7.7.> I had some major problems migrating the waterfall views to the new WebStatus (can't remember the current status, but I think they were partially working again but only by shipping a file from buildbot 0.7.5 alongside our code) but we already know our existing approach won't scale past a few buildbots and were told of a different approach by the buildbot team.

I've been meaning to try out this alternative approach but havent had time. I'd like to have something running for GUADEC, though.... I'll try and find some time to pick up on this.



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