Re: Buildbot version

Iago Toral Quiroga wrote:
For example, here's a snippet from Twisted's buildmaster configuration:

winxp32py25iocp = scmikesWinXP32.copy()
'name': "winxp32-py2.5-iocp",
'builddir': "WXP32-full2.5-iocp",
'factory': TwistedReactorsBuildFactory(blah blah blah),
'category': 'unsupported'})


WaterfallStatusResource(categories=['supported', 'unsupported']))

This gives us a waterfall with all our builders. We have another one
that only includes "supported". So, you could create a category for
each project and then a waterfall for each category. This done, you
should only need one slave process per slave machine, and they can
all talk to the same master."

Would this [1] be the result of using categories?



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