Re: In svn at last

John Carr wrote:

> I think its worth waiting to see what upstream do. They already have
> the notion of build properties for attaching random metadata to a
> build for example. There is a thread right now called "Buildbot 1.0:

Good.  Let's wait; we will anyway be busy handling all the build
slaves that will soon be proposed.

> > For the record and as I spent some time streamlining the server side
> > as well, it amounts there to fill buildbot/slaves.csv with
> > name:password pairs, and run jhbuild bot --start-server,
> Cool. I was reluctant to do that myself, as there are other buildslave
> properties I was interested in and didnt have time to think about
> them. For example, you can have the buildmaster email the slave owner
> if the slave goes awol.

I really wanted to remove the need to have the list of build slaves
handled in master.cfg, as this file is versioned.  But I went for the
easiest thing, it will be refined with whatever is needed.


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