Re: In svn at last

Olav Vitters wrote:

> What is the recommended port to use for the master? We ran the http
> stuff before at 8080, that port is already accessible.

This is fine at the moment; middle term I'd like to have more web
features (things like commenting on failed builds, or linking them to
bugzilla reports) and I will certainly not to that in twisted. So it
will certainly become{homepage,modulepages} -> proxying to localhost:8080{everything else} -> a django or whatever app

> Can we get some documentation on how to set up a slave? Meaning: the
> requirements and stuff?

I am still ironing things out but you first have to run 'jhbuild bot
--setup' to get twisted and buildbot installed (or just use those
provided by the distribution, it is just like the jhbuild bootstrap
command).  Then you fill your jhbuildrc, checkoutroot, prefix, usual
stuff, and three new options:
  jhbuildbot_master = ''
  jhbuildbot_slavename = 'myslave'
  jhbuildbot_password = 'whatever'
(the first one should actually be made the default value).

Slaves must be registered on the build master so you need to mail
those values to the buildmaster master (this is another area where a
web interface could ease things).

Once it is acknowledged you just run jhbuild bot --start.

For the record and as I spent some time streamlining the server side
as well, it amounts there to fill buildbot/slaves.csv with
name:password pairs, and run jhbuild bot --start-server, 

I will update pages on tomorrow.  (and once it has
stabilized I'll add a section to the jhbuild manual).

> Getting a port opened could take a while, so recommend doing this first
> at Igalia.



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