In svn at last

Hello all, thanks you all, I still have fond memories of GUADEC in
Vilanova, it was more than two years ago.

I just wrote some code and integrated all the great work everybody
contributed in the last months, and years.

Everything has been added into jhbuild repository, even though I
created a buildbot-web repository, it will be useful if we ever 
decide to move the master stuff there.

So, at the moment, master stuff will be in the buildbot/ directory of
a fresh jhbuild checkout; cd buildbot; edit a few options in
master.cfg (see README) and make start.  It runs.

And the slaves, they just have to fill their jhbuildrc:

  jhbuildbot_master = 'localhost:9070'
  jhbuildbot_slavename = 'slavename'
  jhbuildbot_password = 'password'

and run jhbuild bot --start.

If anything is broken it is my fault, if anything works this is thanks
to you guys.

This is just the beginning, let's recruit new slaves :)


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