Updated (and tested) instructions (and current issues)


I got a version running on http://jhbuild.bxlug.be:8080/ so I could
document everything properly.

Configuring the master

  svn co http://svn.gnome.org/svn/jhbuild/trunk jhbuild
  cd jhbuild/
  make -f Makefile.plain install

  jhbuild bot --setup

  cat << _EOF_ > ~/.jhbuildrc
  checkoutroot = '/path/to/checkout/'
  prefix = '/path/to/prefix/'

  jhbuild bot --start-server

  vi buildbot/master.cfg # to edit c['buildbotURL']

  cat << _EOF_ > buildbot/slaves.csv

Configuring the slave

  Note: my slave was an existing jhbuild instance, so all classic
  jhbuild stuff was already ok.

  Note: it is currently *not* possible to have a slave using an
  alternate jhbuildrc.  This means it is not possible to have
  several slaves sharing the same home.

  svn update

  jhbuild bot --setup
  cat >> _EOF_ >> ~/.jhbuildrc
  jhbuildbot_master = 'localhost:9070'
  jhbuildbot_slavename = 'slavename'
  jhbuildbot_password = 'password'

  jhbuild bot --start

  There it failed with an PTY related error (perhaps because it was
  run in an incorrectly configured chroot?); updating the file
  jhbuild/commands/bot.py with usepty = 0 (instead of = 1) fixed that.
  Should this be the default?  (or just be made configurable?)

To summarize, a great success, the most important issue to fix now is
to get it working with slaves not using the default ~/.jhbuildrc


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