Re: In svn at last

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 10:03 PM, Frederic Peters <fpeters 0d be> wrote:
> Olav Vitters wrote:
>> What is the recommended port to use for the master? We ran the http
>> stuff before at 8080, that port is already accessible.
> This is fine at the moment; middle term I'd like to have more web
> features (things like commenting on failed builds, or linking them to
> bugzilla reports) and I will certainly not to that in twisted. So it
> will certainly become
>{homepage,modulepages} -> proxying to localhost:8080
>{everything else} -> a django or whatever app

I think its worth waiting to see what upstream do. They already have
the notion of build properties for attaching random metadata to a
build for example. There is a thread right now called "Buildbot 1.0:
The shimmering vision" about moving forward with the platform and how
to enable the kinds of things your thinking about (esp populating a
database to enable advanced reporting and data mining). In short, i
don't wont to roll our own if they have a plan. We could even put some
time into helping them develop their system, but i'm almost certain I
won't have time.

I'm also hoping we could draw on KDE and XFCE people if anyone has any
contacts in those communities. I have some modulesets for XFCE and
KDE4 from a while ago, and have a couple of jhbuild patches to allow
more refined control over KDE building from SVN from jhbuild.

>> Can we get some documentation on how to set up a slave? Meaning: the
>> requirements and stuff?
> I am still ironing things out but you first have to run 'jhbuild bot
> --setup' to get twisted and buildbot installed (or just use those
> provided by the distribution, it is just like the jhbuild bootstrap
> command).  Then you fill your jhbuildrc, checkoutroot, prefix, usual
> stuff, and three new options:
>  jhbuildbot_master = ''
>  jhbuildbot_slavename = 'myslave'
>  jhbuildbot_password = 'whatever'
> (the first one should actually be made the default value).
> Slaves must be registered on the build master so you need to mail
> those values to the buildmaster master (this is another area where a
> web interface could ease things).
> Once it is acknowledged you just run jhbuild bot --start.
> For the record and as I spent some time streamlining the server side
> as well, it amounts there to fill buildbot/slaves.csv with
> name:password pairs, and run jhbuild bot --start-server,

Cool. I was reluctant to do that myself, as there are other buildslave
properties I was interested in and didnt have time to think about
them. For example, you can have the buildmaster email the slave owner
if the slave goes awol.

> I will update pages on tomorrow.  (and once it has
> stabilized I'll add a section to the jhbuild manual).
>> Getting a port opened could take a while, so recommend doing this first
>> at Igalia.
> Ok.


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