Re: [Banshee-List] Should I make the usability test?

2011/5/15 Jonas Urth Olsen <jonas urthnet dk>
Hi again

Finally, I can show you the result of the usability test I conducted. Unfortunately I only manages to test Banshee on two users. I would have liked to test on more users, but it took more time than I expected, so I decided to cut down.
I tested the Ubuntu One Music Store, as Amazon MP3 store is not available where I live (Denmark). The result from that test is not in this report, as I think it is more relevant to Canonical, besides that I still miss analysing that part of the test.
I plan to turn the results into bug report the next days, but need to spend a bit time making sure that the problems have not been reported already.
I found some more problems, that I have not documented yet, I need to look a bit more on those.

Anyway here it is:

(There might be a better place for such a document, so pleas let me know if I should upload it somewhere, Bugzill maybe?)

Just a little separate update. I read this earlier and thought that in terms of making Banshee more usable this might provide some points to experiment with.

- David

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