Re: [Banshee-List] How-To: Create Banshee Plugin for Media Drive


Just try to create a basic extension first using the information you
find in the links provided by Matt. Then start to figure out how to
use the Banshee codebase in your extension (you just need the right
usings, I hope you use an IDE like MonoDevelop with code completion,
that helps to find stuff). The codebase is organized quite self
explaining, but sometimes there are a couple of ambigious pathes for

I would assume you connect your device through USB? Then start by
seeing if you can identify it using the functionality in and around
I'd keep it simple in the beginning and just try to find the device
first, using Debug output (use Hyena.Log namespace for that). Then
walk boldly from there.

I guess that should be what you're actually looking for, right?

Hope I was helpful in some way


2011/2/24 Matt Sturgeon <mttza1 gmail com>:
> No, this list should be fine, although you may want to consider IRC aswell.
> Hopefully these links will help with the basics of making any banshee
> extension.
> Gabriel Burt who wrote the above blog post should be subscribed to this list
> (as with all Banshee devs)
> I hope this helps a little more.
> On 24 Feb 2011 04:30, "rfkrocktk" <rfkrocktk gmail com> wrote:
> I know, in theory, completely how the actual device works and syncs. There
> are open source implementations that do it, but they're CLI and not very
> glorious. I figured I would create a Banshee plugin to make everything SUPER
> simple. The problem is NOT that I don't know how the device works, but that
> I don't know how to implement this into Banshee as an extension.
> Yes, I'm a developer and I can write C#. I have looked through the source
> tree, but I'm unsure of how to get started/what to extend in the codebase.
> Once I know where to start, then I'll be able to make some headway at least.
> Is this the wrong list to ask "developer" questions like this?
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