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Hey -

I can see the the idea is already coming to life, that is great. However a have an idea that change it a bit, so here we go.

I kind of think Banshee have enough album art in different places already. If you have “Show Cover Art” enabled you could potential see the same album cover tree places (the album browser, next to the player progress bar and the “Show Cover Art” widget). With this proposal this could turn into four. How about adding the functionality to the album browser, so it has two modes, the first one being the current one. The second one could be this proposal, where the albums are stacked, and the sorting is “by artist” instead of “by album”. What is basically suggest is that a “sort by” function is added to the album browser, where the album covers are stacked when “sort by artist” is selected.

Hope this makes sense, I could make a muck-up if you are interested in that.


On 2011-04-06 12:13, Frank wrote:
First: Solved my issues decently I guess, patch attached to the bug.

I use the covers and albums from the Banshee database, as that is how
I understand this being similar to the album grid view. Other
mechanisms in Banshee update the covers.

On 6 April 2011 14:15, Samuel Gyger<samuel gyger at>  wrote:
On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 09:03, Scott Moak<smoak programming gmail com>  wrote:
For #2 couldn't you use google search?

Reading this replay, I'm not sure if I got the idea correctly. You
would only use the album covers already in the database, or, only the
album I have in Banshee.
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Jonas Urth Olsen

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