Re: [Banshee-List] proposal to adopt the GNOME release schedule

Just to add one other thing...the Telepathy work is really no different from any other work, and, IMO, it should not have any influence on the release schedule.

On 2010-01-08 8:41 PM, "Neil Loknath" <neil loknath gmail com> wrote:

> > How does this sit with merging the work from the GSoC students, especially > the telepathy integ...

Both telepathy-gabble and my extension are still under going a lot of
testing and development. I'm really hoping that the 0.10 series of
gabble brings us some speedier D-Bus / Stream tubes. So, until things
stabilize, feel free to install it, try it out, and provide some
feedback. for master or...

Quite a few bugs are fixed in master, though.

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