Re: [Banshee-List] proposal to adopt the GNOME release schedule

On Fri, 2009-11-20 at 19:30 -0800, Gabriel Burt wrote: 
> Hi everybody,
> I think it would be valuable to Banshee as a project and community to
> adopt GNOME's release schedule.  We would put out big releases,
> intended to be picked up by various distros, on a six-month cycle.
> What do you think?

I'm all for predictable and timely releases.
Having a fixed release schedule would remove the "when" variable from
the release equation. Discussion and decisions about releases would then
be only about the "what" (features and fixes), hopefully making them

But we will have to come to terms with the potential consequences : some
releases might not be as feature-packed as we'd like, or we might have
to revert a change that turns out to be problematic before a release.

If we do choose to go down this road, I propose that we take the time to
re-evaluate this decision after the 1.6 release, hoping this will only
lead us to congratulate ourselves for doing the right thing ;)

[Putting on my dusty "extension developer" hat]
Time base releases would also be helpful for other extension
developers : they would know when's the best time to test their
extension with the latest Banshee, and when the new feature they're
relying on will be widely available.
But it's not because we would have a "API freeze" deadline that we
should then break API for no good reason. ;)

> I've summarized the upcoming release schedule
> ( and included a proposal
> for how Banshee could adopt it.

I'm including an updated schedule below, without the unstable release on
the 12-16 (it's a stable GNOME release). I think having only one week
between two releases is not useful anyway. I don't know if it was
intentional, but there's also one less beta release compared to GNOME
(on 02-10). I guess we could add it back if necessary.

Date   Banshee        GNOME schedule
11-18  1.5.2 (11-20)  unstable release
12-02  1.5.3          unstable release
12-23  1.5.4          unstable release
01-11                 announce string/UI changes
01-13  1.5.5          unstable release
01-18                 API freeze
01-25                 feature freeze
01-27  1.5.6          unstable release
02-08                 UI freeze
02-24  1.5.98         beta release
03-10  1.5.99         RC release
03-31  1.6.0          stable release 
04-28  1.6.1          stable release
05-06  1.7.0          unstable release

Bertrand Lorentz <bertrand lorentz gmail com>

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