Re: [Banshee-List] [feature suggestion] library structure

Hi there,

Am Dienstag, den 10.02.2009, 10:06 -0400 schrieb Nicholas Doyle:
> For the record, these are my library structure patterns. In my mind they
> are perfect. :)
> file_pattern:   "%disc%-%track_number% %title%"
> folder_pattern: "%album_artist%%path_sep%(%year%) %album%"

Is %album_artist% that what one can see as "Compilation artist" when
editing the mp3-tags? Where is this information stored? It's not in the
mp3 itself, is it?

> For my last nit pick on the subject, having excessive 'control
> characters' to separate fields in a file name bother me when they are
> not necessary. For example "%track%. %title%" or "%track% - %title%" is
> annoying compared to "%track% %title%". "%track% %title%" remains
> unambiguous and does not inflate my (often long) filenames by one or two
> characters; it also looks cleaner in my opinion. 

I think separators are essential. As I mentioned programs like EasyTag
can read the file names and fill the tags with it. But it needs
separators to recognize where one information ends and the next begins.
So if you have a file named

	A Girl Like Me 01 SOS.mp3

you had to scan with the pattern %album% %track% %title%, but this would
possibly end up in

	Album = A
	Track = Girl (or empty because of not being numbers)
	Title = Like Me 01 SOS


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