Re: [Banshee-List] Will Banshee support Samba shares in the next release?

Dnia 2008-11-25, wto o godzinie 19:42 +0000, Charles Mason pisze:
> As the others have said if you use a system wide mount point it will
> work fine. So I think for most cirumstances like you described its not
> really nessary.

The sole access to it, no, but IMO banshee should handle remote shares
differently, you could, for example, want to have multiple shares added
to your library to be rescanned etc.

The Music Library as it is now is build around the concept that your
music collection is local - you always have it with you and all sitting
in one dir.

I would like to be able to set several music 'sources' that would be
merged into my music library but listed only when the relevant source is
available. I know, that's part of what DAAP or UPnP is about, but that
approach lacks some of the functionality like adding or editing metadata
(unless I'm mistaken, please correct me if that's the case).

The ideal way would be to have a meta-source that would merge all
currently available sources, that are listed separately, too. This way
you could easily move / copy music between those sources and have all
your music at hand (also from DAPs and/or flash drives etc., you should
actually be able to select which of the sources you want merged into
your Available Music or whatever you call it).

I'm done now ;)

Michal Sawicz <michal sawicz net>

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