Re: [Banshee-List] Will Banshee support Samba shares in the next release?

2008-11-25 klockan 22:36 skrev Michal Sawicz:
> Dnia 2008-11-25, wto o godzinie 11:13 -0800, s0l1dsnak3123 pisze:
> > I am using nautilus to browse my server. Quite a few programs seem to
> > support it out of the box, and if this was natively supported without
> > any hacks or requirements, it would really make me use this program more
> > than any others (I'm currently using Totem, as it supports it natively,
> > and it seems not to work on Rhythmbox either).

> Are you on Gnome 2.24? AFAIK GVFS from 2.24 should support apps that
> _don't_ know what gio/gvfs is. I'm not sure what the actual status of
> that is but I'll try and report.

It works. See ~/.gvfs/. Make sure you have fuse and fuse-utils installed.

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