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In the old Banshee we broke the duration down into days, hours, minutes,
seconds. It's just way too verbose. What's the point in actually knowing
that granularity?

We chose to use a single number in a single scale. If you have days of
music, why do you care that there are 2 hours, 3 minutes, 5 seconds on
top of that? It's just noise, and detracts from other useful information
in the status bar.

As far as the 13 decimal places, that sounds like a formatting bug. It
should only show 1/10 place if it's non-zero. Again, the idea isn't to
be exact - it's to approximate and be less noisy.


On Thu, 2008-03-27 at 12:16 -0400, Andrew Conkling wrote:
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> > I agree, as do a few others. There was an inconclusive discussion
> just
> > recently, beginning here:
> >
> > I'd like to see more come of that.
> Decimal places representing lengths of time feels unfamiliar.
> Something
> like '11.3 days' (for example) means very little to me without a bit
> of
> thought!
> I've had a *quick* read of the previous thread on this topic, and I
> can
> see the merits in both arguments (familiarity and exactitude vs. use
> of
> space).  I wonder whether it would be possible to compromise somehow?
> How about using standard temporal units, but restrict it to just days
> and hours?
> So it would be: 'X items, X days, X hours, X GB'.
> That solution is fairly short, and it is much easier to understand.
> Allan
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