Re: [Banshee-List] A couple of griefs with banshee.

I see!
I am sorry if I hurt anybody I didnt meant it for sure!

2008/7/5 Max Battcher <me worldmaker net>:
Arafat Medini wrote:
I am not a coder.
Anyway, I only wanted to give some helpful advice, criticism and ALSO file bugs. I cant do more.

That's even more than you need to do, but any contribution, even if it is just criticism/comments and bug filing can help a project.

If you don't like criticism then sorry for bothering you guys.

A good open source project should always take what criticism it receives, even if it may hurt some personal feelings.

That said, sometimes a person offering criticism can come off as "too strong" or "more destructive sounding rather than constructive".  If you think your comments are falling on deaf ears, try rewording them to be friendlier and kinder.  Especially if you aren't involved in coding it always helps to try to get the things you want out of a project by being sweet and kind (and appreciative, coding can be a lot of work).

Hopefully you can sort out your install issues and spend a few days getting to know Banshee and getting to know what Banshee _is_, and how it approaches things.  That'll give you a much better perspective to offer criticism from, and I'm sure people would appreciate it if maybe you held off until you had used the program for a bit more before you attempt to criticize Banshee's approach to things.


--Max Battcher--

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