Re: [Banshee-List] A couple of griefs with banshee.

I did write a similar (probably more agressive) mail after the 1.0
release but finally decided to delete it. Some comments.

> When downloading your debs for ubuntu, and trying to install them, banshee
> asks me to delete Tomboy, f-spot and other apps! I thought that's weired..
> It is the deb for hardy heron, which is the distro I use. And one of my main
> apps is tomboy!! Why should I get rid of it? I was very confused.
> Then I compiled banshee by hand.
That's strange - I have this setup running - without any package
conflicts. Are you sure you have the hardy packages?

>> Then I wanted to hear some Radio, but radio was nowhere to find. Did you
>> delete radio? I am also confused about this one.
>> I thought radio is pretty basic. I may be wrong.
> This was removed, but will be back in the upcoming 1.2 release (very soon).
Does anyone have a list of old features and which version they will be
present again to have a REAL 1.0 version?

>> Next I was looking at the item, I was asking myself why it is
>> featured so prominently? Is banshee related to I thought it is a
>> Novell project? Using Mono?
>> Please correct me if I am wrong ( I am serious about this..)
> is a very popular service completely unrelated to Novell or
> Mono.  People use it to share what music they are listening to, and to
> listen to free radio stations generated based on tags or similar
> artists.  Give it a try, you might like it.
The problem with 1.0 is that the related music stuff (the lower panel)
was removed, too - which was to me THE most useful lastfm feature. I
mean neighbours are nice - but seeing similar artists when playing
something is a 100 times more useful for me.

>> Then I saw video. And then I got confused again. Is banshee now able to play
>> movies? If yes, why? VLC, Totem, MPlayer play movies. So is banshee now also
>> movie player? Could someone correct me on this?
>> Especially that in the app itself it is written "Video library"..
> Yes, Banshee can now play videos using gstreamer, just like Totem does.
That's a little short answer. The point was WTF is banshee now playing
video, too? I have the following video apps installed:
Mplayer: Needed for flawless dvd playback (the only one which does not
screw up from time to time).
Xine: Needed for some M$ wmv and strange mpeg files
Totem: Fast and stable default player
Miro: For podcasts
Banshee: Because I use it to play music

That's totally braindead. It's not your fault that video
playing/managing is that much of a mess on linux - but you're not making
it any better. What's your thought on this? Why did you decide to
implement video support?
I'm currently not using banshee to manage videos because:
1. it's too slow (e.g. starting a video) - it has to be as fast as totem
2. it does not handle like totem (double-click to fullscreen, etc.) -
which has IMO the easies video control
3. there is no proper handling of videos. Similar to music there has to
be a designated directory for videos to be copied into - currently they
are copied into my Music folder (jay).

When these things are fixed I'd think about using banshee for video*.

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