[Banshee-List] manually adding cover art

I'm having some problems adding some "exotic" album/artists cover files.
>From indications given earlier on this list, you need to add a
~/.cache/album-art/$artist-$album.jpg file. From trials and errors, I
found out what to do with non ascii characters : you just need to strip
them. As an example, the title from the last album from islandic band
Sigur Rós (great music btw), titled 

Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

(yeah I know, don't ask me to say that aloud) is recognized if spelled :


But they did worse than that. One of their earlier albums is titled 


I tried sigurrs-.jpg but it didn't work. Indeed, with the stripping
process, any name consisting only of non-ascii characters would be
"spelled" the same. Why can't we use the full unicode filenames for the
cover art as it's already done for the mp3/ogg filenames ?


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