Re: [Banshee-List] Commits list / Code reviews / Community

2008/1/18 Andrew Conkling <andrew conkling gmail com>:
> With Banshee, I know that my desire to contribute is utterly and completely
> hindered by not being able to find my way around the source tree. The recent
> diagram added to the Roadmap helps, but it's still hard to find bite-size
> ways to help.

I'll agree our structure is intimidating, and that Aaron's diagram
helps a lot.  But, I think our src tree is much easier to
comprehend/dive into than, say, f-spot's (which Stephane is in the
middle of fixing):

> Realistically, I'll probably find my niche in working on plugins, but the
> lack of documentation has made it daunting to discover what's available to
> be done. Maybe I could help write some--sounds like a fun idea now that I'm
> thinking about it--but I'd have to figure it all out myself. :P

Extensions in trunk are done quite differently than stable's Plugins
because we now use Mono.Addins.  Most of the existing plugins haven't
been ported yet (Aaron ported a skeleton of the notification plugin)
so feel free to dive in and document the process.


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