Re: [Banshee-List] Database is locked error...

Gabriel Burt wrote:
> On Dec 17, 2007 2:48 PM, Dan Brown <dcmbrown shaw ca> wrote:
>> No although they are network shared.
> But the database file banshee uses is located in your ~/ which is local, right?
No, regular users have their home directory on the NFS server. So /home
and everything under it is really on
mimir:/home/storage/shared/home/ The database file would be
mimir:/home/storage/shared/home/dan/.config/banshee/banshee.db The NFS
server is BSD although I haven't had any apparent problems with other
applications before this running of a networked home directory.

When run under root, the user is local so the DB would be

> The fatal error was with it not being able to find the dbus session
> bus -- a result of you being root and your login process not starting
> a session bus, and not related to your previous error.  Gnome power
> manager is optional, and not your real problem either.  Please CC
> yourself on the bug report I linked to.

Oh I just read my message just before your reply and realized I forgot
to add _one_very_important_ item. Under the exported X session to root,
banshee starts up although I haven't tested it at all. I'll add that as
well to the bug.
I'll give it a try tonight (it's 3:40pm here) (when I've got my ipod
connected and I've imported a library, etc) to see what happens under
the root user (in and out of it's own X session). So hopefully it's not
just a matter of "root can do anything" forcing it to run.

I'll copy my home directory locally and give it a try as well.

Dan Brown

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