Re: [Banshee-List] Database is locked error...

On Dec 17, 2007 2:48 PM, Dan Brown <dcmbrown shaw ca> wrote:
> No although they are network shared.

But the database file banshee uses is located in your ~/ which is local, right?

> Warning: [17/12/2007 2:27:21 PM] (DBus is not available) - Your environment is not properly set up to use DBus. Please fix your environment or run Banshee through dbus-launch. Failure to do so may cause problems at a later time in Banshee during this instance.
> Unable to open the session message bus.
> System.Exception: Unable to open the session message bus. ---> S
> Warning: [17/12/2007 2:27:42 PM] (Power Management Call Failed) - Cannot find GNOME Power Manager: Unable to open the session message bus.
> There is no Gnome power manager btw, I am running under KDE, so maybe an
> underlying gnome service that is supposed to be running and causing the
> SQLite DB error.

The fatal error was with it not being able to find the dbus session
bus -- a result of you being root and your login process not starting
a session bus, and not related to your previous error.  Gnome power
manager is optional, and not your real problem either.  Please CC
yourself on the bug report I linked to.


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