Re: How to create independant pop/smtp/mbox accounts

Hi Jack,

Sorry for the late reply.  I was distracted by other problems.

Jack a écrit :
On 2017.11.24 01:11, andré via balsa-list wrote:
I suspect that is partly because my system doesn't expect things to be installed in usr/local/* instead of 
although balsa & balsa-ab in the menu or command line do start the programs.
Maybe part of my problems is some typo somewhere, or not specifying the right paths.

Check your PATH environment variable for whether it will find executables.

usr/local/bin & usr/local/sbin are right at start of PATH

Check "sudo ldconfig -p" for whether it should find a library to link to.

That gives a long list.
The libraries seem to be all appropriately redirected.

The only files under /usr/local/ are from Balsa.
(Mageia normally doesn't install anything there.)
There are a lot of Balsa files under /usr/local/share/.
That includes the applications/ folder with Balsa .desktop files.
That may be why I don't see balsa & balsa-ab in the menu,
 and why the help files don't display.

In my env variables I found
XDG_DATA_DIRS= /usr/local/share:/usr/share
with a space after =.
None of the other environment variables have a space there.
Removing the space didn't correct any problem.

Discovering the option --with-help-dir= ,
I tried setting it to where balsa puts help files.
ie, /usr/local/share/help/
I didn't forget to redo configure, make, & make install (as root).
Still no help files.
Maybe I should specify the path to the language I use ?
(adding fr/balsa/ in my case)
Anyway, still experimenting.
Thanks again for your help.


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