Re: How to create independant pop/smtp/mbox accounts

Peter Bloomfield a écrit :

On 11/23/2017 06:15:59 PM Thu, Jack wrote:
On 2017.11.23 02:56, andré via balsa-list wrote:
I've finally got around to compiling Balsa (version 2.5.3 from the site)..
Balsa isn't available in my distro, and compiling seemed to go well once I figured out the dependancies and 
I'm curious which distribution does not provide balsa?

I have 2 problems :
1) It doesn't give me access to the help. (Trying to read the help xml files with text editer is challenging 
at best.)
I believe the help requires yelp (
There is no config flag, and if configure doesn't find it, it doesn't complain - it just doesn't include the 
help files.

Yes, viewing the help files (using the menu item or any of the "help" buttons) requires yelp, but installing 
them from scratch also requires yelp-tools.
If you don't have yelp-tools, ./configure will report that it can't install the files, but does not fail.

Yelp-tools was already installed.  For more details, please see my response to Jack.
I just noticed that yelp-xml is also installed (before my last test).

I suspect that is partly because my system doesn't expect things to be installed in usr/local/*
instead of usr/*, although balsa & balsa-ab in the menu or command line do start the programs.
Maybe part of my problems is some typo somewhere, or not specifying the right paths.
I'll do a little more testing.

Thanks for your response :)



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