Re: How to create independant pop/smtp/mbox accounts

Jack a écrit :
On 2017.11.24 00:27, andré via balsa-list wrote:

2) I'm migrating from Mozilla (which uses mbox), where I link each pop account with its' own smtp account 
(with the same id + password), and own mbox folder tree.
I would prefer using the same configuration for Balsa.
I don't think you can quite do that.  You can use an Identity to refer to a set of pop and smtp credentials, 
but ALL retrieved mail goes into the Inbox.
I was hoping that I could have a separate inbox for each pop account.
I created a separate account just for Mageia due to getting problems from too many emails being filtered from 
an inbox with my other software-oriented email.
I currently fetch pop3 mail from five different places, and I have 36 filters to sort it out into folders for 
each mailing list and various different financial accounts.
Most just filter on a combination of To: and From: headers; a few need additional criteria.

I've started looking at the procmail documentation.
Looks like I'll be able to do what I want.
Nice that filters can be nested.  Mozilla mail filter doesn't allow that.

You can use filters to move mail from Inbox to the identity specific folder based on the "To:" address,
although that won't quite work if you have another alias receiving mail at the same address.
(For example, my address is only a redirect to my main ISP mailbox, and I have several 
others which do the same.
Also, mailing lists have a To: of the list address, not your actual email.)
That could work for incoming mail, since I don't do redirection.
(Except for certain mostly spam, which doesn't have my email address in the "To" field.)
However, that makes filtering a lot more complex, since for most of my 5 accounts I filter to many different 
It's not really more comples.  If you would have six filters for each of 5 accounts/mailboxes, now you just 
have 30 filters and maybe each needs one more criteria than it would have.

I see now.  (Although I have a lot more than 30 filters.)

It also requires selecting the outgoing smtp accounts, instead of them being automatically associated to the 
incoming account.
You can set a personality on each folder to set the smtp to use when composing a message (or replying to on) 
in that folder.

(I'm also thinking of filing a wish list so that Balsa will always use the outgoing smtp account to match the 
domain of the To: address.
This would help when I reply to a message still in the Inbox, so it doesn't just use the default smtp account.
That would be an excellent.  What would be normally wanted, in my view.

It makes me wonder how difficult it would be for Balsa to implement a separate set of base mbox folders for 
each pop account ...
(If that is ever seriously considered, I'd be willing to help ...)
Feel free to file a wish-list request at so at least the issue is not forgotten.
As with most FLOSS software, patches are always welcome (I'm not a developer here, but I do know the 
developers are very responsive to requests and patches.)

Will do.  It seems to me the biggest weakness of Balsa relative to Mozilla family email clients.

Thanks again.  Without your help, I would probably have never figured out how to configure Balsa as I want.



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