Re: Is there a way to fetch mail from only one server

Hello Peter,

On 2017.12.21 18:49, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Good evening, Jack!

On 12/21/2017 06:26:30 PM Thu, Jack wrote:
Good evening,

I've got quite a number of remote email servers set, but sometimes, such as when adding a new one or testing because of problems with one, I need to repeatedly try fetching. The is currently a nuisance, because Balsa has to cycle through the entire list every time, and even worse, I currently have one server (Yahoo, of course) which times out more often than not, at 30 seconds a pop (no pun intended).

If this is not currently possible, what is the right place to record it as a wishlist?



The only way to do that currently seems to be to uncheck the "Enable check for new mail" option for each POP server you're *not* testing--or at least for the annoying one.

Perhaps we could add a "Check now" button, say to the right of that "Enable…" check-box. Would that do the trick? It doesn't look like major noise in the UI, to me.


That would certainly help, especially if it is minimal effort. What I was actually thinking of was to modify the menu, one of two approaches. One is to make the File/Get New Mail either open a next level menu with "All mailboxes" as the first choice, and then a choice for each mailbox, or to have a "Get New Mail" menu item under the "Mailbox" menu. The issue with adding a button near the "Enable..." checkbox is that it's still a bunch of extra clicks to get there.

Additional question - other than for the scenario I just described, what was the "Enable check ..." box initially designed for. Unless you have a rather complex entry, it's not too much different from just deleting and re-adding the mailbox.

I'm certainly happy to have anything at all in the short run, with more elaborate options deferred for when someone has more time.


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