Re: Is there a way to fetch mail from only one server

Hi all!

Am 22.12.17 03:38 schrieb(en) Jack:
That would certainly help, especially if it is minimal effort.  What I was actually thinking of was to modify the menu, 
one of two approaches.  One is to make the File/Get New Mail either open a next level menu with "All 
mailboxes" as the first choice, and then a choice for each mailbox,

I like this solution!  However, in combination with the “check for new mail” config items, should the “All 
mailboxes” option (and the toolbar button?) include the disabled ones?

An other point would be using a separate thread for each POP server, like the parallel transmission to 
several SMTP servers.  This would not solve the issue with a broken server, waiting for a time-out, but at 
least the more responsive ones would stay usable.  I can look into that…

🎄 And I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas, and all the best for the New Year! 🍾


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