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Hi Carlos,

On 04/18/2015 02:00:25 PM Sat, Carlos Franke wrote:

In the message composition window, the recipient input fields have for a long time been confined to a very small frame on my 
system. (Sorry if "frame" or "fields" are not the right terms.) Every time I had more than just two 
recipients for a message, I would have to scroll up/down to see them all. It was and still is not possible to enlarge the 
recipient field window by grabbing its edge with the mouse.

Just recently, the frame has shrunk even more, not even providing enough space for one entire input field. 
Here is a screenshot:

The situation is the same for the frames for attachments and Reply-To addresses.

I am using Balsa 2.5.1 on Arch Linux, Gtk+ version 3.16.1.

Since the 2.5.1 release, the whole header area has been put in a resizable pane, so you can grab the 
separation between the headers and the text.

Maybe it is relevant that my computer (a netbook) has a fairly small screen (1024x600) and I am using a 
tiling window manager, so that windows may be forced into unusual dimensions from time to time.

I use Balsa on a netbook too, from time to time, and keeping it usable is quite a task! Hiding the status bar 
helps a little, but we would need a more radical redesign to make it really convenient.



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