Re: Message display stuck at not showing headers

Hi Carlos,

On 04/18/2015 02:06:11 PM Sat, Carlos Franke wrote:

Another issue (completely separate, hence the second mail): The settings for Balsa's message display are somehow 
stuck at not showing any headers on my system. I can make them visible manually using the menu 
(View->Selected/All Headers), but I have to do that for every new window.

Looking at the file $HOME/.balsa/config, I assume that [MessageDisplay]->ShownHeaders is the relevant 
setting. I tried setting it from 0 to 1 by editing the config file, but it always gets set back the next time I 
run Balsa.

Take a look at the preferences page for Display options => Format. The second entry box shows the headers that 
should be shown with the View => Selected Headers; if that got cleared to empty somehow, you'd probably get the 
behavior you're seeing.

The factory default is "from to date subject cc"; not comma-separated, not with the trailing colons (and not 
with the quotation marks!).



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