Re: Tiny recipients input fields

Hi Peter!

Since the 2.5.1 release, the whole header area has been put in a resizable pane, so you can grab the separation between the headers and the text.

Ah, great, I had missed that. I am going to compile Balsa from git then.

I use Balsa on a netbook too, from time to time, and keeping it usable is quite a task! Hiding the status bar helps a little, but we would need a more radical redesign to make it really convenient.

I think Balsa does better than most graphical MUAs! I have the tool bar and the folder tree hidden by default (displaying the latter with F9, when needed), and have the Balsa window on the full screen most of the time, with no window decorations and only a very slim task bar on one side. Almost the only thing that makes me check out terminal MUAs (sup, alot, alpine) every now and then is that I cannot get my head around Balsa's keyboard shortcuts.


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