Re: Switching mailboxes for next unread message

On 08/03/2010 07:44:09 AM Tue, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
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But I believe this is kinda wrong behavior, actually. Comparing to mutt which:
1. Differs "old new messages" and "real new messages".
2. Brings you right to the "real new messages". This is *much* better then a random unread message in the middle of the box.

Balsa has a notion of 'recent' messages, but has never used it to choose which unread message to show next.  That could most likely be done, with a bit of reworking of the 'next unread' code.  But it wouldn't address Jack's original issue, which is that the message that is shown sometimes isn't unread at all.  Still looking at that...



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