Re: maildir issues

Hi Ildar:

On 08/02/2010 06:34:30 AM Mon, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
On 31.07.2010 20:37:21, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Can't speak for Pawel, but I use maildir for most of my local storage.  I don't recall seeing that malfunction--I gather it's intermittent, not 100% reproducible.  I rarely use drag'n'drop, but all the ways of moving messages around use the same underlying code.  I'll take a look at it...

Wow! Sorry. That was my very "long shot".

No problem :)

	Dear Peter,
My setup is Balsa as MUI (mainly Maildir), fetchmail as MDA and Postfix as MTA.
With this I frequently see new incoming messages hidden or misplaced (the other end of msg list) and message counters show wrong number of new messages (sometimes negative!).

If you use fetchmail too, would you confirm? thanks., I use Balsa to get my POP mail, and Balsa filters to distribute it to local mailboxes, mostly maildir.  So, in my case, Balsa knows to immediately check any destination mailbox for new messages.  With fetchmail, since Balsa doesn't know when fetchmail runs, Balsa would detect the changes on its next scheduled check, provided the mailbox has 'subscribe for new mail check' selected.  But the way Balsa handles the destination mailbox /should/ be the same, regardless of whether the check is triggered by adding messages or is scheduled.  When I get a chance, I'll experiment with fetchmail...



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