Re: Switching mailboxes for next unread message

On 03.08.2010 17:01:20, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 08/03/2010 12:43:18 AM Tue, Ildar Mulyukov wrote:
this is the behavior of maildir boxes. With maildir "the 1st uread message" is generally irrelevant to the date it was put in the box. It is more relevant to the name of the file in which the message is stored (which is also irrelevant to times).

It's a little complicated! If the mailbox is currently open, Balsa switches to it and is then supposed to show the next unread message, starting at the currently shown message (or the first message, if no message is currently showing) and searching forward in the order that the messages are displayed in the message list--for example, by message date. If the current ordering is anything but 'message number', the fact that message numbering in a maildir is kinda random shouldn't be an issue.

Right. Precisely.

Of course, that's what Balsa is /supposed/ to do...

If the mailbox is not currently open, Balsa opens it and shows the 'first unread' message, which is noted during opening. I believe it's first in 'message number' ordering, so it could be random in a maildir.

Right. That's how it works.
But I believe this is kinda wrong behavior, actually. Comparing to mutt which:
1. Differs "old new messages" and "real new messages".
2. Brings you right to the "real new messages". This is *much* better then a random unread message in the middle of the box.

  But, as I understand it, the issues are in already open mailboxes.
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