Re: Switching mailboxes for next unread message

On 2010.08.03 07:01, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Since I started this, I've been trying to pay more careful attention to what happens.
It's a little complicated! If the mailbox is currently open, Balsa switches to it and is then supposed to show the next unread message, starting at the currently shown message (or the first message, if no message is currently showing) and searching forward in the order that the messages are displayed in the message list--for example, by message date. If the current ordering is anything but 'message number', the fact that message numbering in a maildir is kinda random shouldn't be an issue.
So far, this is indeed what I've seen it do recently.

If the mailbox is not currently open, Balsa opens it and shows the 'first unread' message, which is noted during opening. I believe it's first in 'message number' ordering, so it could be random in a maildir. But, as I understand it, the issues are in already open mailboxes.
This also matches what I'm seeing. I'd actually prefer the behavior above - open the mailbox first, and then find the first unread in the display order, not the opening order. Should I file this as a wishlist? I'd prefer to see it this way, but I suppose if anyone explicitly prefers the current behavior, it could become (yet another) option.

The mbox is First in-first out, so "the 1st uread message" is mostly the 1st that was put in the box.

Of course, threading can make the display order different from the message number order. (And it obviously can be different if messages are copied/moved into the mailbox in some other order.)

Since this thread started, I have not seen it go to a read message on hitting Ctl-N. I don't know if it's just because it knows I'm watching, or if some configuration or environmental issue has changed. I'll keep watching.


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