Re: balsa hung

On 10/01/2008 01:20:45 PM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Yep, but every time I did ctrl-z in gdb it was the very same spot in 'where' .. btw mutt(1) deleted same amount (in my case 8300 from 17000)
in about a minute ..

I've seen a similar slowdown in expunging large mailboxes. It's quadratic (at least!) in the number of messages. I believe you'll find progress in the seqno at frame #8, which has to run through the list of messages that are being expunged. Balsa is updating the displayed message numbers as each message is removed--perhaps mutt doesn't renumber them?

I think balsa may have higher overhead because GTK is involved. If it were just message renumbering, I would be ready to get rid of it....


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