Re: Compose window in new .22

On 01/03/2008 08:41:51 AM Thu, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Hi Mario!

On 01/03/2008 08:23:43 AM Thu, Mario Mikocevic wrote:
> Hi,
> well, upgraded recently from .20 to .22 and that went fine.
> How can I enter Cc: header address in 'Compose' window now ?
> I do have following lines in .balsa/config
> [Compose]
> ComposeHeaders=cc
> but still I have only Recipients, Subject and Reply-To header input
> boxes.

The "To:" label in the recipients box is a drop-down list.  You can drop
it by either clicking on the label, or using the cursor keys to move the
focus there, then hitting the space-bar or Enter.  As of now, if you
click, you have to "click-and-hold"; a fix for Gtk will make it a
conventional click-to-drop, click-again-to-select menu, but I don't know
the schedule for getting it into a release.

Yaaay!! Gtk 2.14.3 (I got it from from rawhide) has the fix! Earlier versions may have, too, but I just noticed it today.


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