Re: scanning '' for tag number failed

On 2008.02.22 10:08, Mişu Moldovan wrote:

Sadly, after not using Balsa for an year and a half I find it has
serious issues when using two IMAP accounts at once

I use two IMAP accounts all the time. One is my home e-mail and the other is my work stuff. Perhaps this is a function of the IMAP servers you are using. (Which does not mean there is a defect in those servers. They may be replying to IMAP queries in ways the servers used to test the code don't.)

and in general the
IMAP support is not that great. I know I used to live with it but I
find it hard to do that again, unfortunately. I could delve into
details if there is some interest.

Some details on the problems that you see would be nice.

Mark A. Flacy

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