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În data de Lu, 18 feb 08 la 15:08, Mişu Moldovan a scris:
> It's been a while since I haven't tried Balsa, but I've still 
> followed
> the mailing list and I'm interested in the latest developments so I'm
> currenty trying it again... But from the beginning I am getting this
> error when accessing a mail with attachments on an IMAP server:

I've managed to make it work by using a ~/.balsa dir from an old backup 
and changing the settings of the IMAP servers to adapt to my actual 
setup. Strange...

Sadly, after not using Balsa for an year and a half I find it has 
serious issues when using two IMAP accounts at once and in general the 
IMAP support is not that great. I know I used to live with it but I 
find it hard to do that again, unfortunately. I could delve into 
details if there is some interest. I could also beta-test the fixes, if 

I love the interface though and I think it's more than nostalgia. It 
has the cleanest and most functional interface of all GTK+ mail 
clients. It has it's idiosyncrasies (like not deleting mails when 
pressing "Delete"), but I like it very much overall, with the GNOME 
integration and all. 

Warm regards,


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