Re: scanning '' for tag number failed

În data de Du, 24 feb 08 la 19:47, Peter Bloomfield a scris:
> Both logs show that the server was about to send a 579-octet literal  
> string, but neither shows any octets being sent.  I don't know 
> whether
> axigen is configured to include sent literals in the server log, but
> Balsa  
> certainly includes received literals in the client log, and nothing  
> appears there.  The server log apparently shows that axigen send a
> closing  
> CRLF, and then a closing ')' followed by a CRLF.  So it appears that  
> axigen is failing to send the string.  Are other MUAs able to 
> retrieve
> that message from this server?

Yes they all work and even Balsa works with those old settings that 
I've used as a starting point. Now that you have pointed me to the root 
of the problem I realize that the setting that makes a difference is 
"Enable bug workarounds". Ok, time to alert the Axigen developers... :) 



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